Our SPG group at Närcon 2014!

There was another group (friends!!) and people mistook us for them a couple of times, haha.

It was a crazy lot of fun, we got sooo much attention and I can’t wait for next convention!!!

The Spine | Rabbit(me) | Hatchworth

(Ps: I’m going to post more pics!!!)

wow. eyeliner game STRONG. It looks so great!!

hehe~ Thank you kindly, stranger! UwU


During the third day of Närcon our (utterly amazing, if I may say so myself) Steam Powered Giraffe-group wandered around the con, singing songs and simply acting all robot~ Unfortunatly this happened around 4 AM, which resulted in a pretty slim audience… but if you missed us, fear not! As the Walter Girl of the group I took it upon myself to film this awesome occurance! But since there are many videos to go through and edit, I will for now give you this sneak peek of our midnight endeavours! More videos of our robotic adventures will be uploaded as soon as possible, but for now I hope this will suffice! Love to y’all, and have a good night! 


A Way Into Your Heart…with Michael Reed! | photo by trekkiebeth

successful eyeliner today ladyz


I got tagged by Jam to do the 6 selfies thing!

you have such a wonderful style~!!




God bless the cosplayers who buy full replica costumes. They support costume/prop makers from around the world.

God bless the cosplayers who throw together their costumes from charity shops and old clothes. Your resourcefulness and productivity is to be admired.

God bless the cosplayers who make their costumes from scratch. Your creativity and skill is incredible and inspiring.

God bless cosplayers, for letting us all for just one day be more than who we are.

Närcon 2014 was so much fun, oh my goshness!!!
Rabbit (me) | The Spine | Hatchworth | Casual WG | Camera girl


"i can’t fucking read"

Home from the convention~!

Home again!!!!!

It’s been four exciting and eventful days, and you can expect a lot of photos from it and on my cosplays!

I finally have time to answer some questions more properly and maybe show and tell how I created the props and costume, etc.

Thanks to everyone who made this NärCon the best yet!!!


i need to rewatch this movie.